Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Am A Christian:

Here are the facts: Guns have murdered more Americans here at home in recent years than have died on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. In support of the two wars, more than 6,500 American soldiers have lost their lives. During the same period, however, guns have been used to murder about 100,000 people on American soil," Lautenberg said July 30, all according to the FBI data.

From Face Off 05/28/2014

-To what percentage is it that these killing tools can become more of a threat to you and your love ones in the hands of a distraught sibling, parent or other relative? What kind of information can you guys find and read about domestic violence in the home regarding murder suicide,(familicide, whereas having a gun in the home is a huge factor.

-What should be crystal clear to you guys is gun's like it's primary enforcer Satan are all poised to destroy you all, it is not your friend, it's your and your alike mankind silent destruction. This ever developing manner of sleeping, eating and drinking with the enemy that is not of God, but of the world (the great rebellion), beware, Apb, The RAM

A Shot To The Head

-Apostle Bradford here, and I’m sitting in front of an episode of Frances and Friends (Jimmy Swaggart Ministries) literally floored by what I’m seeing and hearing. I’m made dumbfounded as I witness this world ministers struggle to justify America’s right to bear arms, so I’m thinking regardless of these various arguments for this right. Of course we know, or should know unto admitting that at the root of this ceaseless battle over gun rights. These insistent reoccurring points of blindness is mankind’s refusal to trust, honor and obey God’s form of righteousness, Jesus Christ, remember he saving his life, (loving, defending this monstrous world) losing it forevermore.

-My son Darius now thirty couldn’t have been no more than five to six years old, my oldest son Cornellius about twelve, thirteen, I’d entered into my closet of prayer. I was seeking help regarding my two sons, they were showing signs of rebellion against me, against my parental guidance, so this was the conversation I was having with God the Father. This was the mid eighties, the very beginning of what is now immense technology, cable TV was in it’s beginning stages, as so was video games in their beginning phase, if Rap Music existed it was baby milk compared to the unthinkable outrage and abomination RAP music is now.

It wasn’t long after I sort after this answer the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, as long as you (Americans, the free-world), allow modern technology to come into your home. This would be, via cable TV and via video games, and soon obscene manners of music it’s going to be like putting a gun to your children’s head and pulling the trigger, (reaping corruption sown) . The Christ, Jesus explained this dangerous spirit of night (evil ) that though Jesus Himself had come that we might have life, abundant life, (REST), this thief, this black void (Satan, the American Dream) hath come but for to steal us, kill us and destroy us as we chose to worship the creature (the things of this damning, worrisome world) (Politics and religion, Satanic oppression, demonic possession), over GODLINESS.

Once more I’m sitting here in front of this episode of Frances and Friends and I’m thinking, asking is Father Swaggart seeing this or hearing this? Surely he doesn’t agree with what is being said here, and now this ludicrous suggestion of how teachers themselves should be armed. Hello, aren’t we talking about this obvious dissension into complete anarchy with not just killing tools of this manner in the home, but now readily available in the school, in the classroom. Then these god-men (women)foolishly argue, that if we can trust teachers with our kids education, then we can trust them to bear arms regarding protecting our children, so we take God out and put guns in? If I’m not mistaking but wasn’t the shooter at Sandy Hook mother an educator who owned guns, the very guns this young man borrowed to commit this heinous crime against humanity. Remarkably his is what Jesus meant when he declared Satan’s can’t cast out Satan, you can’t take the truth of God and turn it into a lie and reap the righteousness of God.

Some years back, I was watching a report given by a black investigator reporter who’d spent the beginning of the war on terrorism, the years 2002-2003 calculating gun violence and death tolls among young black males. His defining point most remarkable was how in comparison to the US Iraq death toll, totaling like 3 to 4 thousand weighed against 25,000 US black males who’d died in gun violence here at home. This was most remarkable because if you remember in the beginning talk of this war lots of parents were terrified there would be a draft and this fear spread fort a major outcry across this entire nation. Heartbreakingly little did they realize their children were more safe in the most dangerous part of the world Iraq, verses being here in the richest, most powerful, peaceful and free country of the world, the United States of America.

This staggering report that went completely unnoticed was the most shocking, it alone should’ve ignited similar debates putting to burial all arguments against gun control, but seemingly it all felled on deaf ears and on this horrid day of 2012 escalated into the broken hearted reality of another school of mass murder. The word of God teach or instruct us how there is only one way to protect ourselves from the wiles of the devil and the rebellious who worship Satan accordingly. It teach us about putting on the whole armor of God, and how God himself has appointed angels over us to keep us in his trust, will and way. Most of all we’re admonished to forgive, and reminded that the two greatest commandments is that we love God, and thus our neighbor (fellowman) as ourselves. This doesn’t mean we’re not to be met with something tragic, no as we’re to lose this damned fate unto eternity with God the father, His will alone can be realized.

Getting back to the dream at hand , you’re to remember when the Holy Spirit forewarn me about how paramount gun violence (the famed world of technology) would be and parents losing all control, even becoming their children worse enemy. Evidently modernization was no where, where it is at present, there was the beeper, no cell phones, let alone smart phones. There was no internet, let alone face-book and hundreds of other websites, then as far as TV is concern where at present all manners of corruption. That’s multiple abominations that’s in the world can be brought directly into the home at the push of a button, rated R, X even triple X programming by the hundreds of channels. Even rated G and PG programming is more harm than good, as it shields our children from the real evils of this world coasting them along an enormous world of make believe.

Instead of God, Jesus, unconditional love and prayer their lives are instead inundated with Disney, Cartoon network and Nickelodeon programming, the word Nickelodeon deriving from the biblical word Nicolatian, that evil spirit Jesus said he hated as it was a spirit of masterful falseness deceiving his people. Thus a twelve year old boy, finding his father’s gun and shooting and killing his ten year old brother on Christmas morning isn’t a reality to them, it’s just a passing misfortune, nothing to be alarmed about, go watch TV, play games, cut the computer on, block it all out.

You want to guess how often this gun owner thought if only he or she had not bought that gun into the home? I mean despite what clever arguments are made regarding the GUN, it’s function is to take life, human or animal, repeatedly it’s a tool design to kill. This mean take the gun out of this horrible, Christmas morning equation and that ten year old boy would still be alive, thus his parents decision to bring a tool for maiming and killing into the home cause him his young life and for a time their sanity.

Thus when the Christ Lord in the old testament warn the prophet Daniel of knowledge increasing he was in all respect warning about how perilous times and transgressions and rebellion against God and his people would rise a million-fold. We’re talking about a moral disintegration indescribable as God, (not church), His form of righteousness is forsaken in and by hordes literally incalculable, we’re heretofore talking about a spiritual decline throughout this entire planet where the evil of Noah’s earth encouraging God to decimate mankind is to pale in comparison, no doubt where they cry the lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth (EZEKIEL’s Judah, 1993).

Of course this is why God’s wrath, his judgment spiking at present, and the reigning evil that’s to resist so vehemently will birth-forth a end time tribulation greater than ever before, or to ever be again. This would be the Holy Spirit by way of the Apostle Paul, the author of most of the New testament forewarning us, mankind about freedom, (the American Dream). How we weren’t to use it as an occasion to sin, to commit atrocities against the Godhead (humankind), which most of the free world has done. This forewarning would be very predictive of especially this brutal world at present, of course in a world where the heart of mankind is described as being despitefully wicked, aligned with an indispensable liberation spells disaster for this man. One would then think the right to bear arms in the hands of a freedom fighter and his deranged logistic, this birth upon emancipation by way of easily obtained, fairly legal killing tools (guns), is nothing less than a pending Sandy Hook disaster, continuously.

Don’t forget the unbelieving man is constantly a victim of his wicked heart this mean any person on this planet is a potential mass murderer where killing tools (guns), more than reign in the heart, mind and hands thereof. Sadly this then mean these mass killings are to be considered as nothing other than the norm, (see the common cold), we’re to be shocked and awed by these unthinkable events, mourn the victims, bury the dead, mend the wounded and psychoanalyze the assailant who is themselves the victim of a manner of status quo most heart ripping and murderous. So we go with the argument guns don’t’ kill people, although a lot of people are killed by guns, thousands annually a record amount in the land of the free alone. Though if you support gun control then you’re an enemy of the people, if you support the right to bear arms you’re an enemy of the State, and every one of mass murderers dead is laid at the debaters pro and con door step.

We’re to learn once and for all with freedom comes the greatest of all responsibility, which is why the bible, it’s Christ shall one day reign overall. As so with the greatest of all responsibility should come immense maturity, (growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ), meaningfully, respect for human life, clearly see Jesus sermon on the mount. Of course this manner of maturity is literally impossible where the very root of gun violence is the daily, even the hourly, sorely practiced epidemic surrounding dehumanization. That just as money is the root of all evil, the dehumanization of humankind is the root of especially the violent killer instinct where easily available weaponry is the celebrated equalizer of choice.

In the end when we argue gun rights, or Americas right to bear arms, then are we arguing there is little of nothing that can be done about monstrous events as that claiming 28 people, mostly children at Sandy Hook. How when Americans argue these rights in all truth are they then saying, well what about the shooters right, their freedom to use these weapons by what ever manner they see fit? I’m sorry your loved one, or your child is dead but you can’t have my guns, God bless America. It’s like the Jewish people being forewarn about spilling Jesus’ blood, and instead cried aloud then his blood be upon us and our children. This is exactly what you’re saying when you argue gun rights, how the blood of these victims, how this relentless carnage unrealizable, this blood guiltiness be upon you and your house as he that live by the sword (violence), perish in all likeness thereof, beware, Apb, The RAM.